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Cease Therapy

CEASE is a method that was developed by Tinus Smits M.D.(1946-2010) a homeopath following many years of research into this topic and he discovered that homeopathy and nutrition brought many benefits to children helping them on their road to recovery.

Many children have been diagnosed with autism or other similar disorders such as ADD, ADHD, that come under this spectrum. The aim of CEASE therapy is to discover what may have been the trigger for children with this type of tendency then to use a range of methods that include supplementation and homeopathy which may improve their behavior issues and help them to integrate with their peers.

Each case is given an individual treatment plan with homeopathic remedies and suggestion on dietary changes and supplementation.
This may give a consistent response and recovery for patients

If you feel that your child comes under the umbrella of the above diagnosis and may be helped by the CEASE method, then please do give me a call I will be very happy to discuss this with you .
I am a certified Cease therapist and also a qualified homeopath.

If you wish to find out more or make an appointment please contact me on 01277 374603 where I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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