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Bio Resonance

Bio-resonance with the Hunter Metatron analyses the energy in your body with great detail and precision. A gentle, restorative energy is then applied, working with your body to improve health in those specific areas. It is non-invasive and completely pain free.

It recognizes and helps combat bacterial, viral, parasitical and fungal infections, many of which go undetected in our lives but can significantly impact health. For an holistic therapist, this is extremely useful in understanding what is going on inside the body as a whole and how different systems are affecting each other.

Each element our body has an energy field with a distinct natural frequency pattern. When there is disease or stress, the pattern de-stabilises and the Hunter Metatron can detect it using Magnetic Vector Potential.

The brain is the body's central computer and the nervous system provides it with constant communications between the energy field of the brain and those of all the other organs and tissues in the body. Using headphones, the Hunter sends a signal to the brain using the specific frequency pattern from it's database relevant to that organ or tissue. The brain then returns the signal, but with instabilities, reflecting any disease or stress. The more stable the frequency pattern, the healthier that element of the body.

The Hunter's software displays the results on a detailed diagram of the body and gives the option to analyse with greater detail. We can then investigate further seeing what parasites there are.

The program also analyses a selection of the most appropriate frequency patterns to restore health. Using all of the information provided, I make a decision and usually sends multiple signals back through the headphones to stimulate the healing process in the brain. Additionally, an energy may be applied to stimulate the brain to de-stabilise the energy of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

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