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Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, non toxic treatment it can be taken by people of all ages. It can help a variety of ailments both physical, mental and emotional. It can help with skin conditions, pms, hormaonal problems, irritable bowel, frequent coughs and colds, hayfever and much more. It can also be taken alongside any medication prescribed by your doctor.

Cease Therapy

This is a clinically proven method to help with Autism, ADHD and other conditions like this. It involves detoxing the paitient of the stresses and pathogens that have caused stress to the body. Please see Cease Therapy section for more information.

Life Coaching
Do you want to become the best you can be, together we can come p with strategies to help you discover the real you and become the best you can be. Life brings up all sorts of different challenges. together we will come up strategies to overcome them and to live a life you love. For a free 15 minute call to see if we can work together or for more information please call 01277 374603.


Seeing a nutritionalist can give you help and advice on nutrional matters relating to your health. Nutrition can help with a wide variety of complaints such as IBS, migraine, pms and menopause to name a few. Balanciny your diet can make you feel a whole lot better and can also help with weight loss if this is an issue for you.

Bioenergiser Detox Foot Spa

The Bioenergiser Detox Spa starts the process of rebalancing your body's Bioenergy, which in turn kick starts the dispersal of unwanted toxins. The result is renewed energy levels both physical and mental a general well being feeling. This again can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with other treatments offered.


Counselling is understanding how life events are effecting you. It is a safe place to explore what is going on in your life and events and traumas that have or are effecting you. We will find ways to make positive changes in yur life. There can be a set number of sessions decided at the beginning or an ongoing course whichever you feel is the most relevent to you.

Please contact me for details.

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